Bosch - BRAKE DRUM REAR HIACE LH103,113,125. RZH103

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Bosch Brake Drum

Unmatched Experience, Reliability & Performance

Bosch has over 90 years of experience in the automotive industry, supplying premium brake parts to both vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket.

The production of brake drums requires in-depth know-how and extreme precision. Bosch selects casting materials and alloying constituents based on its long experience in braking. Rigorous testing at Bosch rotor and drum testing facilities assure the following critical priorities.

Key features:

  • A consistently high quality safety reliability standard
  • Excellent high and low temperature mechanical strength
  • Wear resistance
  • High thermal conductivity for fade and cracking resistance
  • High damping characteristics for low noise

Note: Bosch Brake Drums are sold individually

Fitting Position: Rear Axle
Brake drum inside diameter [mm]: 270,2
Inner Brake Drum Height [mm]: 64
Pitch Circle Ø [mm]: 114,3
Number of Holes: 5
Centering Diameter [mm]: 67
Manufactured in: China
Packaging length [cm]: 35
Packaging width [cm]: 35
Packaging height [cm]: 10.5