Manta - Ford Territory 4.0L SX SY - Full System - Extractor + Cat with 2.5" Stainless Single Exhaust - Muffler/Muffler

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  • Brand: Manta
  • System Type: Full System Territory 4.0L SX SY Extractors Cat 2.5in
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pipe Sizes: 2.5in Single
  • Noise Level: Quiet
  • Configuration: Full System

Important Information

Image might not reflect actual exhaust system. Shipping times can vary due to size, destination and availability.

Warranty Period - 120 Months (10 Years)

Why Manta?

Manta specialises in total exhaust engineering for maximum performance, durability, appearance and sound. Manta exhaust products - including everything from headers to complete tuned exhaust systems components and systems in Australia.